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Group Policy made easy

October 14th, 2013 Comments off

Sometimes I asked the system admins to modify settings of a computer, an user account or a group of servers and I watched them spend hours trying to complete the task. We all know that we should use Group Policy, but the responds I usually get is “I don’t do it often enough”

Well, the process is simple
1. Group the computers, accounts you want change into an OU
2. Create a Group Policy
3. Link the Group Policy to the OU that you created above.

Here how you do it
Step1: Creating an OU and adding in the objects
- Run “dsa.msc” , then create a new OU
- Add the computers and accounts


Step2: Creating a new Group Policy (GPO)
- Run gpmc.msc
- Highlight”Group Policy Objects (GPO)”, right click and select “New”
- Pick a name for the new GPO
- Highlight the new GPO name, right click and click “Edit”



Step3:Link the GPO to the OU
- In “Group Policy Management”, select the OU, right click and select “Link an Existing GPO”


And that’s pretty much it. You will need to restart the client’s computers or run the command

So the updates can be pushed down.

In Group Policy Management, you can also check to see which policies are applied on an OU, and what the settings are of those policies

- Highlight an OU will give you a list of linked GPO

- Double click on a policy will show you the settings

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