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VMWare vShield-App vs vShield-Edge

June 14th, 2013

One of my customer called me today to ask what the difference was between vShieldApp and vShieldEdge, as they were looking at a competing firewall.

I paused for a minute because I could not explain it clearly, as Vmware’s website isn’t that clear about it either. I reached out to my trusted Vmware SME and he was able to explain the difference to me.

vShieldApp is a hypervisor based firewall (internal to cluster) – port based ACL functionality to isolate VM’s from each other.

vShieldEdge is a virtual firewall (internal cluster or to external world)

This is how VMWare explains it
(vShield-App is on the left, vShield-Edge is on the right)

Clear as mud ? This article will help explain further
VMware® vShield Edge and vShield App Reference Design Guide