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Cisco UCS – 1 picture says it all

February 20th, 2014

Cisco UCS provides the infrastructure to support the highest levels of service availability through a stateless server environment. Stateless servers are logical servers (OS and application images) that can run on any physical server or blade in a way that encapsulates traditional hardware identifiers (World Wide Node Names [WWNNs],World Wide Port Names [WWPNs], MAC addresses, etc.), as integral parts of the Service Profile identity


The foundations of Service Profiles are these logical building blocks (for example, pools and policies) that can then be captured for reuse. Furthermore, virtual network interface card (vNIC) and virtual host bus adapter (vHBA) templates can be referenced for use in higher-level Service-Profile templates. To reduce server provisioning time, Service Profile templates can then be used to rapidly instantiate actual Service Profiles (possibly automatically associating those instantiated service profiles with actual physical servers and blades).

The relationships between these internal building blocks are all rationalized and normalized. Higher-level objects (such as vNICs) can be created by referencing lower-level objects (such as pools and policies). This normalized data model promotes reuse and removes the need for duplication of common objects.

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