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EMC VNX – Updating firmware has crashed. Now what?

June 12th, 2014

Today I downloaded the newest firmware update for a pair of VNX 5400. The first update went well. I then started to update the 2nd one. The process took about 2 hours for the first one. I didn’t want to wait so I left it there uploading. About 3 hours later, I went back and this had happened

java crashed

Now what ?

I started to check the VNX, logging in appeared to be fine. The software shows the correct latest version. I performed a few operations , created, deleted a few LUN, everything seemed fine. Should I leave it as that ? Do I want to call EMC and stay on the phone for 2 hours for EMC support helpdesk to check it ?

Luckily, I found out that USM does show the status of the last update. It also shows the time the Update started and the time it took to finish. Everything seems to be perfect.

Note that you can also run a “Health Check”. Click the picture for more details.


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