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Vsphere snapshot hang – How to (force) kill a VM process

April 16th, 2015

I had a frozen VM because the snapshot hang at 95%. I could not do anything to the VM because its process is locked to the host. I couldn’t stop it, couldn’t cancel the task either. To release the lock and force kill it, I had to do the following:
- Restart the management agents
- Force stop the VM
- Consolidate the snapshot (if necessary)
- Restart the VM

1. Restart the management agents
These 2 commands should do

2. Force stop the VM
a. The VMWare way

World ID: 46664
Process ID: 0
VMX Cartel ID: 46640
UUID: 42 24 e8 f3 28 35 e1 77-dd 56 40 46 d2 a4 16 43
Display Name: plsw-ts2012-fe1
Config File: /vmfs/volumes/5156099e-0e41f131c77b4/VM-NAME/VM-NAME.vmx

Then collect the “Word ID” and run either of these commands

At this point the VM should be stopped and the lock is released. You might need to remove and re-add it. If the VM is still lock, we will need to force stop it the Linux way

~ # ps | grep 52173320
52173320 52173320 vmx /bin/vmx
52173323 52173320 vmx-vthread-4:VM-NAME /bin/vmx
52174736 52173320 vmx-vthread-5:VM-NAME /bin/vmx
52174737 52173320 vmx-mks:VM-NAME /bin/vmx
52174738 52173320 vmx-svga:VM-NAME /bin/vmx
52174741 52173320 vmx-vcpu-0:VM-NAME /bin/vmx

The second column is the master process number . Run this command to kill it

KB 1004340 should provide you with some more methods but these 2 are usually good enough